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Design for Life is a Dutch-German company in Romania, with its own style in designing and producing trendy, vintage and industrial chairs, benches, crutches and solid wooden tables. We approach the design and construction process from an ecological and durable way of working. Innovative and bold designs without forgetting the good old-fashionedness. Beautiful and perfectly finished. Pure workmanship.

Design For Life works with ecological finishing products. Good for the environment, the people who work with it and the people who will use it.

The use of special waxes and paint systems brings a special atmosphere, that spreads in to the entire space. Due to the excellent quality of wood and buffalo leather our furniture is new, modern and mature at the same time

Due our long experience in paints, oils, varnishes for furniture the urge began to create furniture ourselves.

A factory was built, employees attracted, suppliers were found and Design For Life was born. New designs, focus on trends, centralization of the customer and an ecological way of thinking caused an explosive growth.

Soon we will build our new factory in Satumare. A nice place where our people can work safely and we can refine and improve our production process.

Design for Life Products

Chairs, Armchairs & Benches


Gastronomic Interior

Do you want to know more about what Design for Life can mean for your gastronomic establishment? Please contact us for further information.

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